9 Stranded??Longboard Complete Longboards

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  • Board surface: 7 layers of high-quality maple wood surface, cold pressing process, sturdy and safe, load-bearing 200 kg, elastic, strong, tough, and better experience in all aspects.
  • Bracket: Thick aluminum-magnesium alloy material, quenching process, stronger load-bearing, one-piece molding, smoother sliding, high rebound 90A PU shock absorbing pad.
  • 72MM PU matte wheel: 80A high-elastic PU material, suitable for street brushing, widening and increasing, non-slip and wear-resistant, stable grip, high wear resistance.
  • Chrome steel bearing: ABEC-11 chrome steel silent bearing, strong rotation performance, fast and long-lasting battery life, high speed and silent.
  • Bridge nails and Pattern: Hexagonal medium carbon steel quenched bridge nails, with built-in anti-loosening sleeves to avoid falling, No rust, high strength?Thermal transfer waterproof pattern, lasting and bright, Waterproof and wear-resistant.

9 Stranded??Longboard Complete

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