Percussion FWB200GAB Free Ride Series Wood Bongos, Gold Amber Sunburst Finish Bongos

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  • The MEINL FWB200 Marathon Series Free Ride Wood Bongos are outfitted with exclusive MEINL hardware and come in three beautiful finishes . The MEINL patented Free Ride Suspension System means the drums are joined together with no holes drilled in the shells. This maximizes the amount of resonance and warm tones that the Rubber Wood is known for producing. All MEINL bongo stands and mounts are equipped to securely hold the Free Ride mounting system in place. Marathon Series Wood bongos are equipped with hand selected buffalo heads that produce sharp highs with warm tones, and are easily tunable. Included is a tuning key, accessory pouch and tune up oil. Paired with any MEINL Congas, these bongos are a great start or finish to your percussion set up! The Meinl Professional Bongo Stand (Model# TMB-S) for seated players will also allow you to comfortably set these up with your drum kit.
  • Hardwood shells: Marathon series bongos are crafted with quality hardwood that allows the drums to sing while also providing remarkable durability. Features a high gloss Gold Amber Sunburst finish
  • Hand selected buffalo skin heads: the superior sound and effortless tunability of these natural heads delivers a classic, warm tone with a good mix of melodic options (measures 6 3/4" and 8")
  • Free Ride suspension system: Marathon Series bongos are equipped with Meinl?s Free Ride Suspension System, meaning no holes are drilled into the shells. This provides better overall resonance
  • Rounded rims: these innovative rims are equipped on all Marathon Bongos to provide optimal comfort for even the heaviest hitters
  • Included tuning wrench: the bongos come with a tuning wrench, allowing players to easily tighten or loosen the head to find their perfect sound

Percussion FWB200GAB Free Ride Series Wood Bongos, Gold Amber Sunburst Finish Percussion FWB200GAB Free Ride Series Wood Bongos, Gold Amber Sunburst Finish

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